Investment Management

Lexham is a private real estate investment and management firm with offices based in Westport, Connecticut and Burbank, California. Lexham employs a value-added approach by targeting core located investment opportunities that can benefit from the strategic re-positioning of major commercial retail and office buildings.

Lexham’s investment, re-development, management and supervision services include comprehensive property acquisition, financial analysis, project design and analysis for re-development of investments, leasing, property management, accounting and financial reporting.

Since its inception in 2001, Lexham has purchased, coast to coast, more than $300 million of commercial properties throughout the United States. Lexham’s depth of experience has enabled our team to identify investment opportunities where operational improvements combined with asset re-positioning generates significant cash returns per annum on a current basis and above market pre-tax IRR’s over the investment’s holding period.

Lexham provides hands-on oversight of all strategic property positioning and operations, as well as asset and property management services for its own nationwide portfolio of approximately 1,000,000 square feet. While Lexham manages and oversees each property, we work in conjunction with and oversee specialized property management teams with extensive experience and knowledge who assist in accomplishing the end goal of re-positioning assets for both income growth and vigorous capital appreciation.


Lexham has more than 33 years of experience in real estate acquisitions and development. Our in-house real estate expertise together with our network of investment experts and real estate professionals has allowed us to reduce investment risk, minimize development costs and bring unique projects to market. Taking advantage of Lexham’s integrated platform, the firm will take hold of opportunities in the residential markets by constructing the first luxury rental apartment and retail communities located in West Hartford, CT and Burbank, CA.

Property Operations

Lexham has the in-house real estate expertise to evaluate a property and implement an operational strategy focused on maximizing value by creating targeted solutions to reach investment goals.

Lexham’s asset and property management team works diligently to provide our tenants with the highest operational and maintenance standards. A fully responsive team of real estate management professionals have the knowledge and resources required to operate the buildings efficiently and deliver the highest level of building services. As a result, the buildings are well-leased and maintain a historic above-market tenant retention.